History Intent at Baxenden St John’s

The children at Baxenden St John’s will gain a historical appreciation of local, national and global history, which includes significant events and people, to understand how our British heritage has helped shape our world today. As we look through different historical periods across our primary curriculum, our children will develop a curiosity and motivation to understand past events through the promotion a practical artefacts and an engaging and thought provoking programme.

National Curriculum 2014

Our History curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • know and understand the history of these islands as a coherent, chronological narrative, from the earliest times to the present day
  • know and understand significant aspects of the history of the wider world
  • gain and deploy a historically grounded understanding of abstract terms
  • understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance
  • understand the methods of historical enquiry, including how evidence is used
  • gain historical perspective by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts