Religious Education

Questful R.E. for Home Learning

 ‘Off the Shelf Picture Posts RE Ideas’ is a set of resources that are designed to be used at home or school and do make reference to the current lockdown situation. The diocese have tried to ensure that anything needed is easily available in the home.  

The children can choose any picture they find interesting to look at and discuss. They follow this by reading and exploring a bible story, it’s meaning and impact  through a variety of activities that are of course ‘Questful’! They are suitable for children from Year 1 – year 6. The children can decide which activity suits them best. This hopefully makes the resource all age/family friendly and therefore can be enjoyed by siblings together.

The file is too large to fit on the website, but can be accessed by clicking on the link: Schools Curriculum area of the Resources section

Our R.E. Curriculum

As a church school we work closely with our mother church; St John’s Baxenden and also Blackburn and Diocesan Board of Education.

We follow the syllabus “Questful RE” set out by BDBE which incorporates the Christian Concepts from the Understanding Christianity Syllabus.

The Concepts are; God, Creation, Fall, People of God, Incarnation, Gospel, Salvation and Kingdom of God.

Children are encouraged to develop their own faith through leadership roles within school. These include; worship leaders and prayer leaders.

We also have opportunities for Upper KS2 pupils to attend training led by BDBE to become our head worship leaders, known as “God’s Squad”