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Friday 15th May- Who’s that baby?!?

Yay!! So you have decided to take part. The staff baby photo sheet along with the answer sheet can be found below. You can type the answers onto the word document answer sheet or you can print it out and hand write your answers on, just send a photo of your completed sheet. Further details about where to send your completed quiz can be found on the answer sheet. Good Luck!

VE Day! Scroll down for ideas!

Send us your pictures of your own garden parties to photos@baxenden.lancs.sch.uk

Local History!


Specific home learning for your child’s year group can be found by going to the ‘CLASSES’ tab and clicking on your year group. The activities and links listed on this page below are intended as ‘signposts’ for extra learning, should you wish to access them. There are no expectations of how much or little work your child needs to complete. Please read the ‘Home Learning Letter’ below, which explains our systems to support your family through this difficult time.

Here are the links to the online learning platforms that your child may have been set work on. All log in details for these pages can be found in your child’s home reading diary.

Times Table Rockstars- https://ttrockstars.com/

Purple Mash by 2Simple- https://www.purplemash.com/sch/baxenden

MyMaths- https://login.mymaths.co.uk/login

Active Learn- https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0

Religious Education

 ‘Off the Shelf Picture Posts RE Ideas’ is a set of resources that are designed to be used at home or school and do make reference to the current lockdown situation. The diocese have tried to ensure that anything needed is easily available in the home.  

The children can choose any picture they find interesting to look at and discuss. They follow this by reading and exploring a bible story, it’s meaning and impact  through a variety of activities that are of course ‘Questful’! They are suitable for children from Year 1 – year 6. The children can decide which activity suits them best. This hopefully makes the resource all age/family friendly and therefore can be enjoyed by siblings together.

The file is too large to fit on the website, but can be accessed by clicking on the link: Schools Curriculum area of the Resources section

Physical Education

Stem Learning

  • STEM Learning have launched a new page on their website (www.stem.org.uk/home-learning ) to provide free content and resources for families, young people and teachers in school. The content on there will be updated weekly with new activities and covers STEM across the curriculum for all phases.
  • Their STEM education specialists are now responding to the Live Chat function on their website, so teachers, parents and others can get immediate advice on their questions and needs. They have had over 1000 chats with teachers and other educators in the past week.
  • They will be hosting live web chats with STEM Ambassadors for pupils and parents and we even have Tim Peake answering pupil questions in next few weeks
  • They are active on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, including #ScienceatHome (used by Explorify, STEM Learning. Primary Science Teaching Trust, Sanger etc) which encourages parents of primary pupils to get active in science and share their home learning projects and activities.

There is also a computing teacher who works with some of the North West computing hubs who is doing daily science/computer science lessons (KS1/KS2) at 10am.  www.drchips.weebly.com

Extra Websites

Scroll right down to the bottom of the page for documents with extra activities – these have been put together by our school and Lancashire County Council (LCC) to support families with home learning. We will be adding web links which have been recommended by other schools:

Stephen Lawrence Charity: We have put together some simple and fun activities that require no specialist knowledge from parents or young people, but that provide a great way for them to get involved in Stephen Lawrence Day whilst they learn.  These are all free on-line at https://www.stephenlawrence.org.uk/stephen-lawrence-day/home-activities/.

 Stephen Lawrence Day is about the part we all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish, and this year in particular we want young people to feel that, even in the current circumstances, they can make a difference.  All our new materials are themed around the small things individuals can do to make a positive difference and how together we can build stronger communities.

The National Theatre

In response to the school closures caused by Coronavirus, National Theatre is now offering username and password access to the National Theatre Collection. For a temporary period, plays can be accessed remotely ensuring students studying from home can still watch them.

Your access details are: 
Username:  1Hw)5Ds(
Password:  9At)0Hl!

Please ensure you are typing the credentials in rather than copying and pasting them as this can insert invisible spaces which invalidate the details. These should be entered under the ‘access log in’ and not the ‘personal log in’. If you have any difficulties please test in another browser as some are known as having issues. These details must not be offered to anyone external to Baxenden.