Let’s Share!

This is a page where we can share what we have been learning at home! We will try and update it as much as we can – you all look like you’re doing exciting things! Please keep your photos in a scrapbook or diary so we can see them all when you come back to school.

Keep having fun whilst you are learning new skills! All of your teachers are missing you and hoping that you’re all behaving as well for your parents like you do for us! Have fun doing our daily job of teaching, parents! 😉

Please find attached a photo of Denys with a fish he caught which was 6lb. He loved spending quality time fishing with his dad.
Aveline has made her own toy steering wheel and has also been baking banana muffins. 

Riley recently celebrated his big brother’s birthday with a Murder Mystery party. Riley chose his own dressing up costume and Mummy took on the role of several characters to provide information so the super sleuths could solve the mystery. Unfortunately the Super Sleuths were tricked by the victim and were accidentally poisoned, they had to carry out a series of tasks to find the antidote before the poison took hold. 
This looks like lots of fun!!!

Annie and her mummy have worked together to paint the wall outside of their house. It looks fantastic and we are sure it will put a huge smile of lots of people’s faces as they walk past. Great work! 🙂
On VE Day, Aveline observed the 2 minute silence, made bunting, decorated the house with it, then joined the social distance Street party by having a picnic on her driveway. It looks like you had a super day!
Alissa has been enjoying reading one of David Walliam’s new releases- Slime!!
Archie won the Y4 ‘star of the week’ with his periodic table made in Minecraft!

Juliet’s water themed art work created on Minecraft!
On Sunday Aveline took us on a nature walk. She drew pictures before we went of what she wanted to look for and then wrote out a list of everything we saw. 

Sophie Durber in year two has worked very hard this week researching badgers as part of her creative curriculum. She has used internet search engines, watched documentaries and read all about badgers in wildlife books. She wanted help to present her findings so she has made a PowerPoint presentation to share with you all!

Sienna has won Reception ‘star of the week’ with her story!

Harriet joined in with our Monday worship – she also sent a video of her singing along, which was wonderful to see! Thank you Harriet!
This afternoon, Daddy decided that his firepit in our garden needed jazzing up a bit, so he let Freya and Jasper paint it.  They had loads of fun and I think you’ll agree that the results are very colourful!
We hope you’re all keeping safe and well. 🙂
Sienna has made her own version of ‘Disneyland’ and is giving us a tour!
Abigail had a drawing competition with her mum, and the one on the right was the winner – Abigail is obviously a much better drawer than me!
Harry has made his own trim trail outside his house – what a great idea to keep fit and have fun!
Otis has used stop motion animation to create his own video. He did use sound and music, but we can’t make that work on here! Well done Otis – what a fantastic achievement!
This is Ashton’s take on a Colosseum using his jenga blocks for part of his creative homework. We thought this was a very imaginative and clever idea. Can you guess which Colosseum it is from the lego figures? Mrs. Green spotted it!
Aveline has been reading while still enjoying the sunshine, practicing some yoga, joining in a Zoom quiz set by her classmate, and making an Elmer the elephant.

Honor had her birthday last week in lockdown. She got an amazing surprise that mummy organised 🙂
Honor’s favourite author – Cathy Cassidy ( chocolate box girls etc ) has featured her birthday in her blog. Honor was ecstatic that she wished her happy birthday, but when she got the chance to be interviewed and feature it really made her birthday. Cathy asked questions and the replies are all Honor’s own words.  Please click on the link to read it – it is fabulous!


Lovely to see Ollie with his cross creation!
This morning we went on a very long walk hunting for lost of different natural items to do some natural art.
Ava making pastry ready for a yummy tea…

Juliet has been setting up learning walls in her house to help her! What a great idea!

Today our mummy spent the day in the kitchen with us, teaching us how to make Banana and mixed fruit buns, cheese and jam swirls and fairy cakes.  We helped with weighing out the ingredients, breaking the eggs, mixing the ingredients and putting them in their cases.
Today Alex has mastered lego instructions and built a lego set all by himself. He is so proud if himself .
On Tuesday Aveline did the project of designing and making a toy. She chose to make a fairy doll.
She looked at what materials we had, drew and labelled a design, then made a lovely toy. 
Hi All! Hope you are well.
Making stained glass rainbow windows 🌈
Good morning st John’s 
Harry caulfield has been doing some creative writing this morning. 
Hope you are all keeping safe
Jen (Harry’s mum)
On Thursday we went for a nature walk. We walked up to the golf club, down Whoolley Lane and back down Southwood  Drive to our house. She also saw Noah and Alex and talked to them from across the road. Lucy looked out for different things and then when we got home she wrote and drew pictures of what she had seen.
Week 1 – Aveline (year 1) has be doing her school work, painting a rainbow for the window and exercising.
Year one have been keeping in touch with each other by having a zoom meeting.
They have loved being able to talk to each other
Elliot’s rainbow to give us all hope!

I hope you are well.
Jacob has completed one of the creative curriculum projects and wanted to share a picture of it.
It is his viking longboat.