Promises to the Children

Our school helps us to walk together, with Jesus, to be the best that we can be,”

Mission Statement Aims

Our school is a happy place where everyone can enjoy coming together and having fun.

Our school gives children the time and opportunities to discover their own spirituality and the nature of God.

Our school provides the opportunities for children to learn, to grow in their understanding and develop their independent thinking.

Our school supports and guides the children to achieve as much as they are able, and to feel proud of themselves.

Our school celebrates the wonder of our creation, the diversity reflected in our local community, and all that is good in the lives of the children and in the life of the school.

Our school nurtures the desire of all children to create things and thoughts, which are unique to them and to share them confidently with others.

Our school seeks to inspire children, so they will carry with them a vision of all that is possible, throughout their lives.

Please download our home-school agreement to see how we achieve our mission statement by working together.