Winter Weather

The winter season is beginning, and we hope that we will not have to close the school due to snow or adverse weather conditions.  A decision to close is not undertaken lightly, and is only taken in conjunction with discussions between the head teacher, governors and local authority.   It is an extremely difficult decision to make, and a number of factors involving the health and safety of the whole school community have to be taken into consideration.  This includes how safe it is for pupils and staff to travel to school.

There needs to be enough staff on the school site to teach and supervise pupils for the full day.  Most of the staff do not live locally and travel a distance to school, therefore they are not able to walk to work, and are reliant on the road conditions.  We will endeavour to make a decision regarding any closure by 7.15am in the morning (although this may not always be possible)

A message will be posted on the ‘Facebook’ site, a note will be added to the front of the website page and a text message will be sent.  Radio Lancashire will also be contacted.

Please do not ring the school because there may be nobody available to answer the telephone – if we are closed, remember that you will receive a text message.  If you receive no text message, than presume that we are open!

If the school is open, but as a parent you are unable to get your child to school due to the road conditions, you must use your own judgement as to whether to send your child to school that day.